Les équipes de Pr. Phobe tirent profit de la richesse et de la complémentarité de leurs compétences pour adapter leur offre à vos besoins. Ce savoir-faire est mis en œuvre depuis l’étude de vos besoins jusqu’à la livraison des produits commandés en passant par la fabrication et le conditionnement.

Trade, retail, retailers : offer our products to your customers

Several good reasons to trust us :

  1. A selection of varied and complementary products
  2. Total control of the production line. From design to manufacturing.
  3. A constant investment in R & D
  4. Proven product reliability prior to distribution
  5. We listen and provide constant support to meet your needs
  6. Assurance of supply on your deliveries
  7. PLV supports and original packaging
  8. A complete training kit about our products
  9. Advertising media in line with your objectives

All our products are avalaible under our brand or under white label for your distribution system.


Furniture, leather goods, fashion, shoes, drugstore, etc.

To find a place on your shelves, stores and shops nearby we have a real innovative product !

After 10 years of research and development, we offer a true revolution for your markets: A revolutionary stain repellent spray : Pr. Phobe Textiles and Leathers

First born of our range, this multi-surface spray can be used iin so many ways to protect and maintain all textiles and leathers (shoes, ties, sofa, upholstery, blinds, rugs, carpets, and more).

DIY superstores – Building trade

Tested by almost 200 000 references on building sites since 2002, our building range of products is now available on the distribution market in DIY stores. To maintain their properties, your clients will benefit from the latest innovations in protection products for facades, roofs and terraces.

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